True Wellness Counseling

Thinking, Feeling, Being Well

Are you seeking personal growth, improved relationships, and overall true wellness? Whether you are looking for individual, couples, or family counseling, True Wellness Counseling is here to help.

Couples Counseling

True Wellness Counseling focuses on helping couples communicate better, connect with one another, and experience deep feelings of love. Couples learn how to listen to each other, express their true feelings, and talk about both the easy and hard things, by being present in the moment and really slowing down conversations. 

Individual Counseling

We all want to feel happy and whole, but sometimes we need help getting unstuck so that we can get to that place. At True Wellness Counseling, you can learn to reconnect with the true you, and reach your full potential. Your counseling is focused on you holistically, with the use of various methods to ensure your goals are met.

Family Counseling

At True Wellness Counseling families are treated as a system. When there is a shift or change in one aspect of a family, the entire family is impacted. In family counseling we explore all familial relationships- marital, parental, and sibling, and work to improve connections within all.

Eileen Wright, M.S. | Registered Associate MFT#78996

(562) 388-3174

Supervised by Linda Nusbaum, MFT#45519