Eileen Wright

The decision to see a therapist is such a personal one. Whatever your reason may be, I am here to help. I look forward to speaking with you, answering any questions and/or concerns you may have, and embarking on this personal journey with you.

Are you suffering in your relationship? Wondering how you and your partner, who started off so connected, now find it difficult to even be around each other? And both of you feel like you have tried everything to make it better? As a therapist, I understand these challenges and I am here to help.  I will help you learn how to listen to each other, to understand your own and your partner's feelings, and to say the things that are hard to say. The way to doing this is in slowing down, being present in the moment, and undoing hard wired pattens. 

We all want to feel happy and whole, but sometimes we need help getting unstuck so that we can get to that happiness. I can help you reconnect with that lively spirit in you that once existed, whether you are seeking help as an individual, couple, or family.


Eileen Wright, MS, MFT Intern#78996

(562) 388-3174


Supervised by Linda Nusbaum, MFT#45519